The "Dog and Pony" weekend

an annual gathering of adult animal role players, furs, and their friends

A gorgeous show pony, a well-trained police dog, a pile of romping kittens, a latex stallion pulling his mistress’s cart, a pack of pups at FSF, cat woman, a leather wolf, bunnies, lemurs, manatees, mermaids, and meerkats – animal role play creates magic for the participants and observers.

The Eleventh Annual Dog N Pony weekend - TBD, 2010 (Fri-Sun).

For 2010, we have a meet-n-greet dinner/munch on Friday night. There are multiple tracks of classes and workshops all during Saturday afternoon. There is a party on Saturday night. There are two pre-party dinners - Friday and Saturday. And there is an outdoor party on Sunday afternoon. All events, except Sunday, are within a few blocks of each other, in SoMa San Francisco. All events are 18 and over.

This weekend serves many purposes. It's an ideal introduction for people curious about animal-themed play. It's a gathering of the many animal role play communitites, to exchange ideas, and celebrate. It's a transition from the indoor play season to outdoors.

We run this conference as a labor of love: low-cost, low-overhead, no registration. Just come to the events that suit you.

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Dog N Pony events:

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